AI Assistance

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When it comes to streamlining your workflow and making the construction management process easier than ever, AI can be an invaluable tool and bring your company into the future! Whether you’re looking for assistance with note-taking or you need an efficient way to digitize and organize information, the JobPlanner AI tool is what you’re looking for!

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Meeting Minutes

Keeping track of important information during meetings can be difficult. Whether you’re meeting with a client, a potential client, team members, or other contractors, ensuring that you remember all the information covered during the meeting is important to your success. JobPlanner features AI meeting notes, which will keep track of all the information you need in an easily accessible platform!

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OCR Tool

OCR, which stands for optical character recognition, is another tool available from the JobPlanner AI Assistance features. When you’re working with scanned paperwork or locked files in your documentation, it can be difficult to organize everything you’re adding to your archives. With the help of the OCR tools, you can more easily track, name, share, and archive documents.

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Assistance with Your Paperwork

If you’re working on building your business but don’t have the time and energy to handle every admin task on your own, finding ways to maximize your time and minimize your effort is key! With the help of JobPlanner construction management software and the AI Assistance tools available, you can create a workflow that works for your business and your needs easier than ever before!

Bringing Ease-Of-Use To Your Fingertips

Managing your projects and your construction business doesn’t have to be difficult. With the help of JobPlanner, you can effectively manage every aspect of your business, from pre-construction bidding processes through post-construction invoicing and everything in between! Schedule a demo of our product today to get started!