Construction Document Management

Construction Document Management

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Managing and organizing project documents can be daunting in the fast-paced construction world. But fear not! JobPlanner Construction Software is here to revolutionize your construction document management processes. As a leading provider of construction management services, JobPlanner offers an innovative software solution designed to streamline the management of project documents. Let's explore how JobPlanner can simplify your construction projects and improve your overall efficiency.


Version Control and Document Tracking

Managing document versions and revisions is simplified with our construction software, which not only offers version control and document tracking but also features OCR-enabled construction document management. This means you can effortlessly monitor changes, access previous versions, and track the document's history, all while ensuring everyone collaborates with the latest information. This comprehensive solution not only streamlines the process but also minimizes errors and miscommunications in construction project documentation.


Centralized Document Storage and Organization

With our construction management software, bidding farewell to scattered and disorganized project documents is now within reach. Our platform provides a centralized repository where construction teams can securely store and organize all project-related documents. From blueprints to contracts, everything is easily accessible, saving you valuable time and ensuring important documents are never lost.


Effective Collaboration and Communication

Our software enables seamless collaboration and communication among construction teams. With features such as real-time document sharing, drawing markups and task management, all stakeholders can stay connected and work together more efficiently. Whether sharing updates, requesting approvals, or assigning tasks, the JobPlanner software facilitates effective communication and collaboration throughout the project lifecycle.


Enhanced Security and Access Control

Protecting sensitive project documents is of paramount importance in the construction industry. With our intuitive construction management software, you can rest assured that your documents are secure. Our platform offers robust security measures and allows you to set access controls, ensuring only authorized personnel can view or modify specific documents. Say goodbye to unauthorized access and hello to peace of mind.

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Streamline your construction document management processes with JobPlanner Construction Software. Our user-friendly platform allows centralized document storage, effective collaboration, version control, and enhanced security. Experience improved efficiency, decreased errors, and greater peace of mind. Contact us to learn more and sign up for a demo.

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