4 Features and Benefits of JobPlanner Construction Software

4 Features and Benefits of JobPlanner Construction Software

When it comes to using construction management software, finding the right tools, solutions, and platform can be overwhelming or confusing. However, JobPlanner is the software that offers solutions designed specifically for the construction industry and the professionals working within it! Here are four features of the JobPlanner software and the benefits they provide to teams like yours.

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AI Assistance

Utilizing AI is becoming ever more popular across many industries in the modern world. Whether you need help with meeting notes, data analytics, or smart tools to stay on track of resources and information management, JobPlanner has the AI to help. This means that you can handle more processes on your own without requiring team members to take notes, managem documents, analyze and more.

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Accounting Integration

Keeping track of finances for each and every project can be daunting, yet it’s paramount to keeping your business successful. With JobPlanner, you can integrate your QuickBooks and other accounting information into the platform, keeping all of your financial information in one centralized place that helps you stay organized and reduces the risk of accounting or financial errors.

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Bid Management

Bid management is necessary for all kinds of construction professionals, from project managers and construction managers to contractors and specialty subcontractors, too. With white-labeled products to optimize your branding experience to sophisticated tools for tracking and analyzing data, JobPlanner has the bid management features you need to stay on top of your business success.

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Project Management

From start to finish, getting the support you need to effectively manage your projects is the key to success. Whether you’re looking for assistance with pre-construction or you need tools to manage and organize your documentation throughout the project lifecycle, our project management features were designed with construction management needs in mind.

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